May 17, 2020 – 1:30pm – We started experiencing some intermittent connectivity issues at around 12:49pm today.  We are investigating and currently all network services are up.   We believe it is an upstream issue, but will post updates here as we have them.

Update 1:50pm – The issues are upstream routing problems which are out of our hands.  The upstream carriers are aware of their problems and are working on it.   Connectivity is fairly stable at the moment with only short interruptions.  We expect the problems will be completely worked out shortly.

Update 8:20pm – After being fairly stable since the last update, we’ve begun to see packet loss again.  It is very intermittent and seems to be upstream BGP routing changes.   Hopefully, the root issue has been fixed and routing is updating to follow primary routes again.   Internally, our systems are responding, and again, this is on the digital highway outside of our domain.

Update May 18, 6:45am – The issue seems to have been related to one or more core routers in Georgia having problems.  Much of the traffic for the southeast runs through that area, so the routing problems were far reaching.  We are pretty sure we were correct in our assessment of the short interruption around 8:15pm last night.  Everything has been stable since the routes were adjusted at that time.

If you have any questions, please call 256-547-6817, email, or chat using the window at the lower right of your screen.  Please be aware that if services are currently impacted, email and chat may will be affected.