Monday June 1, 2020 – Since everything else in the world is blowing up recently, we thought we’d get in on the fun and cause some issues with our mail server.   Every couple of years, we have to redo the secure certificates used on all connections.  We’re in the process of doing that, and normally, it goes unnoticed.  This time, however, some issues have arisen.  We’re implementing some “best practices” with regards to the type of security protocols used, and they have caused some clients to get error messages and/or not be able to connect.  We are working through these problems and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  No emails will be lost…but you may get an error when sending and perhaps have to resend an email.


We’ll be posting updates here as we complete the maintenance.

Update 3:45pm – Apparently, we’re running the best security we can for the version of the software currently being used.  We’ll be working on upgrading that software in the near future.

Update 4:09pm – We’re seeing reports of some old Apple devices which are not trusting the certificate.  It is OK to trust the certificate because it is legitimate.  It should be valid until June 2022.  Some older devices don’t “know about” the new certificates, so they have to be told to trust them.

Update 4:20pm-  The webmail is having issues related to the certificate problem.  We are investigating it.

Update 4:40pm – The webmail issue was related to IMAP not authenticating.  All issues relating to authentication should be resolved.  Trust issues with older devices will not change as that is inherent to the devices.

Update 5:40pm – Apple devices have a history of not liking certificate changes.  We’re finding that for most Apple devices, it is necessary to delete the account and set it up again to get the new certificate.  If you need our email settings for setting up again, please see our page here:


This issue is now closed.  If you have any questions not answered here, please contact us at 256-547-6817, email, or chat with us using the window to the lower right of your screen.  Please note that the phone numbers listed on our site go to a corporate phone system and do not receive text messages.  If you like to text, please use the chat window below which also works on mobile.