July 10, 2013 – 8:30 am – We have noticed that Google.com is unresponsive from several locations which we have used to test.  Other services being affected include Gmail.com and news.google.com and Youtube.  Testing from phones seems to work though.  The Google interface on our home page (bottom right) is also not working.

Note: Our website is slow because it is using fonts.googleapis.com which also seems to be down.  This is causing a timeout on our page.  This is also affecting MANY WordPress-based sites.

Update: 9:00 am – This is not a completely global issue.  We have found some people for which Google (and Youtube) work.  They are located in Birmingham and Atlanta.  However, we have contacts in Arizona and Mississippi who are also having trouble with Google services.  We can also confirm that all Comcast and AT&T customers in the Gadsden area are having issues.

We are working to find out what is going on and will post updates as quickly as possible. Please note that this issue is NOT caused by any problems on the Network Solutions, Inc. network.  Google.com is also not accessible from networks completely outside our control.


Update: 9:08am – Looks like Google is back online for many.  It is working for some AT&T customers.   Many Comcast customers are still having trouble, however.

Update: 9:34am –  CNN has posted a story about the outage. They say it is primarily a Southeastern US issue.  http://www.cnn.com/2013/07/10/tech/web/google-down

Update: 9:43am – Comcast customers in the Gadsden area are now able to get to Google services. Our contacts in other areas are also indicating that the issue has been resolved for them as well.

If you have any quesions or concerns about this issue, please contact us at support@internetpro.net.