June 7, 2019 – Hot on the heels of the issues yesterday, we’ve experienced an issue with our hosted Exchange services.   Our engineers have isolated the problem, which is again a failed piece of hardware.   We are in the process of replacing that equipment.  We do believe that the hardware failure from yesterday damaged a few items including ports on servers and routers also connected to the failed switch.  We will be announcing a maintenance window to address some of these redundant hardware items in the near future.

Update – The issue was more complex than initially thought (sounds familiar).   We have restored service but are still working on the issue.  Service may be interrupted again.

Update 11:02am = Service has been fully restored.   If you are on hosted Exchange and are still having issues, please let us know by support chat, email support@internetpro.net or call 256-547-6817.

Update June 9 8:50pm – An issue with outgoing email was found and fixed.  Some emails sent since the earlier issue may have been delayed or failed.  If they were delayed, you will get a notice as such.  Failures will also be sent back to the sender.  This only affects email being sent FROM our servers.  Email coming TO our servers was not affected.