Thursday June 6, 2019 – We had network failure resulting from a core switch having an issue.   The outage lasted from approximately 1:11pm to 1:29pm while we tracked the issue and made the correction.  All services have returned to normal, and we do apologize for the interruption.   We do not expect any further problems from this issue.

Update:  As I posted the resolution, the problem reoccurred.  We are in the process of replacing equipment, but this does not seem to be a trivial issue.    Further updates to follow.

Update:  Definitely a core switch, but what we thought would be resolved with a reboot turned into a total hardware failure.  Because of the nature of the switch and the number of systems touched, this is affecting all services.  Some systems will take a bit of time to bring online.

Update: 2:24pm – Services are being restored now.  Most sites are up as well as email.  Some virtual servers are still awaiting recovery.

Update: Please note that our phone system and chat support are still being affected as they both reside on a virtual server which has not yet recovered.

Update: 2:42pm – Our phones and online chat are back.

Update 2:55pm – More and more VPS systems are coming online.   If you have specific status questions please use the support chat feature or email

Update 3:15pm – It looks like all systems have recovered.   If you observe a problem with your website or service, please contact our technicians at 256-547-6817, by chat, or by emailing