We have had several questions about an increase in spam in customer’s mailboxes.   There has been a LARGE increase in spam messages on the internet lately.  According to Cisco, the average daily volume of spam in January 2013 was 77.4 billion messages.  As of yesterday, the volume was 165.6 billion messages.  Spam now constitutes 86.7% of all email sent on the internet.

Although our spam tagging system is in great working order, the fact is that a certain percentage of spam does get through.  This is unfortunately an issue that is difficult to change because the more strict we make the filters, the more likely it will be that we will catch legitimate email (false positives).   We believe that we have a good balance of blocked, tagged, and delivered email now.  We are blocking or tagging about 98% of the email that comes into our system.   However, if the volume coming into the system doubles, so will the number of spams that get through.

We take spam very seriously and do our best to limit our customer’s exposure to it.  We just wanted to update you on the current state of spam delivery and blocking.  We hope that you can understand that no email system (at least as currently designed) can block 100% of spam with 100% accuracy, but we do our best to get as close to that goal as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at support@internetpro.net.