February 7, 2020 – We’ve gotten reports that Sparklight (formerly CableOne) is almost completely down.  Apparently a drunk driver crashed into a pole very close to their head end and damaged/destroyed the fiber connection.  This happened at approximately 12:15am on 2/7/2020.  As of 7:00am, the pole has been replaced and Alabama Power has released the pole to Sparklight personnel for repairs.  There is currently no estimated time to repair (ETR).   We will continue to post updates here as we get them.

Update 8:15am – We have received reports of some customers of Sparklight coming back online, but have not gotten a confirmation of the repair status yet.

Update 12:00pm – Most of the customers we monitor seem to be up now.  We have a few outliers but think that they may just need to reboot equipment.

Update 1:15pm – We’ve been told that there are still a few customers who are out. However, there is still no estimated time to repair.

Update 3:00pm – The remaining customers are back online.  We believe all issues have been resolved.


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