November 15, 2012 – We’ve been informed that a local computer store and competitor (Max Hub, Inc.) has had a fire at their location.  Although we don’t have many details, it seems that all of their web sites are down as well as email and other services.  Since this is a local company, many of our customers may have contacts using MaxHub’s email services.  We wanted to let our customers know that this is an issue on their end and the resolution will have to wait on MaxHub to get their services back up and running.  Customers emailing addresses hosted with MaxHub will get a notification after 4 hours that the email has not yet gone through.  Our system will keep attempting to deliver the email for 5 days after which a bounce message will be sent back to the sender.


Update: Novemeber 16, 2012 – We were able to contact the owner of MaxHub and have been informed that their email server should be up and running this afternoon, so mail should flow after that.   They did have backups of their sites and configurations.  A small news story about the fire has been posted here:


We wish them well in their efforts to restore service to their customers and rebuild their business!