November 28, 2012 – We’ve applied a bugfix update to our cloud product today.  This update addresses several issues including:

  • Fix the new from url button
  • Fix a memory overflow with downloading of big files via WebDAV
  • Fix problems with uploading files who have special characters in the name
  • Fix wrong folder size calculation
  • Improved share link generation
  • Fix the syncing of the Shared folder
  • Fix Sharing by link from within Shared folder
  • Several WebDAV fixes
  • Fix drag and drop uploading
  • Several Gallery fixes
  • Several Contacts fixes
  • Smaller fixes

We’ve also got new versions of the desktop sync clients.   The new version also fixes some bugs in the 1.1.1 client.  Fixes include:

  • Allow to properly cancel the password dialog.
  • If local sync dir is not existing, create it.
  • Display error messages in status dialog.
  • GUI fixes for the connection wizard.
  • Show username for connection in statusdialog.
  • Show intro wizard on new connection setup.
  • Use CredentialStore to better support various credential backends.
  • Handle missing local folder more robustly: Create it if missing instead of ignoring.
  • Simplify treewalk code.
  • Moved journal database to sync directory.
  • Fixed Daylight Saving Time time issue on Win32.
  • Fixed inode querie for directories on Win32.
  • Stricter error checks on HTTP replies from server.
  • Detect looping in mkdirs to fix sharing.

We recommend updating to the newest desktop client if you are using that feature.  If you have any questions, please contact us at