Network Solutions, Inc. offers three levels for our NetSol Cloud storage product:

Personal Clould – This product is geared toward individuals who need a relatively small amount of storage to sync with their personal computer(s) and/or mobile devices.  Pricing for this level starts at FREE for customers who have current services with us.  Storage size starts at 2 GB and goes up to 20 GB.

Business Cloud – For businesses, we offer this solution which allows administrative access to the cloud.  This allows your administrator to add users, define rights on folders, add third party applications to the cloud, and gives you a branded portal for your company.  Storage size starts at 10 GB and goes up to 250 GB. Pricing starts at $25 /month.

Enterprise Cloud – For companies needing a large, high performance cloud server, we offer this level.  Using the Enterprise Cloud, customers get all of the benefits of the Business Cloud on a dedicated server.  This server can be co-located (owned by the customer) or leased from Network Solutions, Inc.   Storage size is only limited by the server purchased. Pricing starts at $250 /month.