As part of our planned maintenace, we will be upgrading the NetSol Cloud.   This is a major version upgrade and includes MANY enhancements.   Some of the improvements follow:

  • Improved user interface and faster responses including mobile support
  • Lazy Loading Files – Files are now loaded using “lazy loading,” which loads the files as you scroll down the page, making the interface more responsive and faster.
  • File Sorting – Files can now be sorted in the web interface by name, size and last modified date – making it easier to manage and find the right file quickly.
  • New configuration options for email notifications
  • For customers who manage their own NetSol Cloud, you will see improved User Management with easier group handling, search, filtering by group and a single, scrolling list putting all users at your finger tips.
  • File Notifications – It is now possible to select and be notified of file activities (including shared, created, changed or deleted files or folders) in the activity stream or in an email digest at a configurable interval.
  • Documents with Word Conversion – The latest NetSol Cloud Documents release includes the ability to convert Word documents on the fly for online editing. Convert a Word document online automatically, edit it live with other users in the browser, and close it again – it will convert back to Word, synced back to your desktop, with the changes embedded.
  • Users can now move files shared with them around in their NetSol Cloud folder structure — no longer required to have a “Shared” folder in their files list. If a user wishes to have a shared folder, they can simply create one and move all of the shared folders and files into this shared directory. If users are upgrading, they can continue to use the Shared folder they already have – it is up to the user.
  • In the files view on the web browser users can now click “files shared with me, files I shared, files shared with link,” providing a filter for the files view that lists only those files and folders that meet that criteria.
  • A file owner’s name is now displayed on the file browser when a file is shared, so users can quickly see who has shared a file or folder with them.
  • Many other new features and enhancements!


We will be rolling out this release over August 8th and 9th, 2014.   If you have any questions or problems with the new release, please contact our support at 256-547-6817 or email