We at Network Solutions, Inc. are happy to announce a new spinoff company called Network Solutions Automation, LLC. The new company builds on the networking and internet experience of the staff at Network Solutions, Inc. to  the emerging field of home and business automation (also known as the Internet of Things).

In the past, most “automation” companies have had their basis in A/V (Audio/Visual).  These companies specialized in home theater setups and such.  Now, as automation products become much more connected to computers, phones, tablets, and the internet, the networking side has become much more important to a successful installation.   Many A/V companies are struggling with this transition and the automation manufacturing companies are seeking out networking companies to work with their products.  We believe this trend is a good fit for Network Solutions, Inc. but the product is different enough that it warrants new staff, procedures, and hence a new company.

Network Solutions, Inc. and Network Solutions Automation, LLC. are sister companies which will work hand-in-hand to bring our customers the best products, support, and overall experience with their automation products.   Network Solutions Automation is an authorized dealer of Control4 – a leader in the home automation industry.

Check out the webpage for the new company at http://www.nsaautomation.com or call 256-467-6314 for more information!