March 20, 2021 – Over the past few weeks, we’ve had many customers fall for scams involving credit card refunds.  People are allowing callers into their computers where the scammers have *full access* of the machines.  Most of these scammers lately have just been going for bank account and credit card information, but allowing the criminals into the computer also opens you up to ransomware attacks, identity theft, and theft of your employer’s information if you work using the computer they gain access to.

Mark Rober, an ex-Nasa engineer, who has become a fairly popular Youtuber has posted a video where they track and intercept some ongoing scams.   It is very entertaining, but also educational for those unfamiliar with these types of schemes.   We recommend watching his video here:


If you have any questions about any aspects of his video or are confused about what is going on in it, please give our technicians a call to answer questions for you.  It won’t cost you anything and we *really* want our customers to understand these types of scams so they can defend themselves.   The more that people fall for these, the more the criminals get paid, and the more it is going to happen.   We don’t want to see anyone get hurt by these criminal activities AND we don’t want the criminals to benefit.