April 18, 2021 – It seems as though we have been the target of yet another phishing attempt.  Although we don’t post an article about every one (because it would be almost every day), this one seems to be affecting many of our users.  We thought it important to post a reminder that we will not ever send out emails asking you to “verify” your password or to check your online activity.  No legitimate request from any company will be similar to that.  Every one of these emails is an attempt to compromise your password.

And since we are on the subject, there are also *many* attempts coming through phone calls (and emails) telling you that charges have gone through for the purchase you made and to call a number if you didn’t make that purchase.  NEVER call any number about charges to your credit card except for the phone number printed on the back of your card.  And remember, there will NEVER be a reason that customer service needs to take control of your computer to “help” you reverse charges.

Here is a sample of the most recent phishing attempt going around to our customers:


New device signed in to
Your Internetpro Account was just signed in to from a new Windows device. You’re getting this email to make sure it was you.

You can also see security activity
You received this email to let you know about important changes to your Internetpro Account and services.
If you have any questions or concerns about these attacks, please contact us at support@internetpro.net, chat using the box to your lower right, or call 256-547-6817.