April 16, 2021 11:00am – We have received some reports of email delivery not working.  We are currently investigating the issue, and it seems to be related to the quota system.   We will be posting more information here has we determine what is going on.  Currently, affected users are not receiving email and senders to those users are not receiving bounces.

Update 11:20am –  The issue has been resolved.  Apparently, a software update was pushed last night which caused the problem.  The update has been rolled back.  We believe email that encountered the issue was lost, but we are still investigating that.

Update 11:35am – It looks like email affected by this issue *was lost*.  The sender did NOT get a bounce indicating a problem had occurred and the recipient did not receive the message.  This is a worst-case scenario in email delivery, and we do apologize for the trouble.   Please contact anyone who may have sent you an email this morning.  We are looking into the exact time the issue started.



If you have any questions, please contact us via Chat (lower right of your screen) or email support@internetpro.net.