January 14, 2016 – Unfortunately, our phone system has experienced a failure and we are unable to receive calls properly.  We are in the process of switching over to our failover solution which will allow customers to leave voicemails which we will return.  However, customers who are able to email to support@internetpro.net will have faster response.   We do apologize for the issue.   The system may be out for an extended period of time as it does seem to be a hardware failure which may take some time to resolve.  We will post updates here as we have them.

Update 8:45am – Our failover solution has been put in place so all calls will go to voicemail.  These voicemails are forwarded via email to our staff and will be returned as quickly as possible.

Update 2:00pm – Our phone system functions have been restored to normal!   If you try to call into our office and are still having trouble, please email us to let us know, but it looks like everything is working correctly.