November 22, 2019 – We will be performing some planned maintenance on our mail server system starting at 11:00pm Thursday the 28th (yes, Thanksgiving).   The maintenance window is 3 hours ending a 2:00am on Friday the 29th.   During part of the maintenance window, email services will be inaccessible.   We’ll do our best to keep the time to a minimum.   We are implementing a new storage system which will improve performance and allow future growth of our email offerings.   This will be “phase 1” and after it is complete, we’ll be moving data to the new system.  Once the data has been synchronized, we’ll have another brief maintenance window to finalize the sync and make the storage system live.  We will announce this second window when we have more information on the timing.

During these windows, no email will be lost.  While the mail server system is inaccessible, any incoming email will “queue up” and wait for the system to come back online.  After the system is online, all delayed email will be delivered.

Update:  November 28 – 11:00pm – Maintenance has started.  Mail services going offline starting now.  Updates to follow when back online.

Update: 11:25pm – All services are back online.  We don’t expect any further interruptions for “phase 1”.



If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at, call 256-547-6817, or utilize the online chat window in the lower right corner of  your screen.