We have added real-time malware monitoring and removal to our web hosting services.  One of the biggest issues facing web hosts these days is the fact that the host (in this case Network Solutions, Inc.) has no control over the code placed on the web servers.   Sometimes, bad programming or just code that has not been maintained allows attackers to apply malware on websites.   This malware can cause users visiting the site to be redirected to another site, download a virus, or other malicious activity.

Usually, when something like this occurs, Google and the other search engines and browsers will block the website because of the malicious activity.  This effectively causes the compromised site to be down, and the ISP and owners of the site have to go through a lot to get the site back up and running.

Because of this, we have introduced our Real-time Malware Monitoring which checks files as they are modified for malware such as that mentioned above.  When detected, the system will automatically clean and quarantine the affected files (much like a virus scanner on your home computer) and will notify our technicians of the activity.

This is just another way that we are working to improve the web presence of our customers and protect users from being affected by malicious software.