February 14, 2012 – We have had a couple of virtual servers hang, thus causing a service outage on some customer sites.  Our monitoring system failed to escalate the issue, and we are looking into that failure.  In the mean time, our technicians are reactivating the affected servers to bring all services back online.  We expect the outage to be short lived.

 Update: 2:05 pm – All machines are back online and regular service has been restored.   It seems that one of our virtual server hosts had an issue that caused many (if not all) of the machines it hosted to hang and become unresponsive.   We have rebooted the host causing the issues and all of the guest virtual machines that it housed have been reactivated.  Our technicians will continue to look into the cause of the hang and the failure of some of our notifications.   We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.