July 31, 2023 5:00pm – We have gotten reports of customers having call quality problems.  This is affecting some of our colocated and cloud hosted VOIP customers, including our internal phone system.  Voice quality for incoming sound is very degraded.   Our engineers have discovered an underlying networking symptom, but the root cause has not yet been determined.  We believe that the issue is upstream of our datacenter, and we have reached out to our preferred SIP provider for assistance.   We will be providing updates here as we get them.

Update August 1 7:00am – We have not yet received any news from upstream providers, but voice quality does seem somewhat improved this morning.  It does not seem to be completely fixed, but communication is possible.   Please note that *users* of the phone systems are experiencing the issue and hearing quality issues from people calling into their system.  The callers do not hear any issues.