June 17, 2023 –  9:45am – Comcast is experiencing a major outage in the Gadsden and Rainbow City areas.   Some connections are still online and working but many businesses and homes are offline.   Comcast is apparently aware of the issue according to their phone system which won’t let you get any additional information.  There is not anything we can currently do to help the situation and this rests entirely in the Comcast system.   We will provide any updates we can here as we get them.

Update  11:20am – The issue seems to be resolved on Comcast’s end.  We’re seeing connections come back online.   If you are still experiencing issues, you may want to try rebooting your Comcast modem.  If that doesn’t work, first reach out to them at 800-COMCAST and if they tell you everything is good, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do for you.  Our number is 256-547-6817 or you can email support@internetpro.net.