March 30, 2023 – The 3CX phone system that we support has had a compromise of their client installer.  The system has been updating to version 18.7 this week with the majority of our customers upgrading last night.   This morning, it was announced that their Windows client had been compromised by bad actors.  Our antivirus solutions (assuming they are being used) are mitigating the isssue.   The domains used by the malware have also been shut down, so the risk has been lowered considerably.

The 3CX company is going to be issuing new certificates for their systems as well as pushing out new installers for the software.   The current recommendation is to uninstall the 3CX desktop application and used the web client instead.  However, we understand that this can be inconvenient to change.  The new installer should be pushed out tomorrow after the security certificates have been updated.

The 3CX company has posted an article on their website about this incident and are going to be posting updates there as more information is available.  Please check their article here:


If you have questions or concerns about this or would like assistance uninstalling the desktop client to change to the web client, please give our office a call at 256-547-6817.   We will be doing our best to get the systems updated “behind the scenes” as soon as updates are available.


Update:  The company has posted new information with instructions and recommendations as well as their plan to track the problem.  Please see their post at

Update 3/31/2023 – They have posted a new update about the certificate for the apps being invalidated.  Read it here: