Why won’t the form on my website send email?


Beginning January 1, 2015, Network Solutions, Inc. requires SMTP authentication for all form on websites.   This it to prevent spammers from exploiting web forms (like contact forms, applications, and such) to send out unsolicited email.  By using SMTP authentication, we are able to limit the number of emails a form can generate, and if one becomes exploited, we are able to stop just that form and not block an entire web server.

Most (if not all) modern email libraries support SMTP authentication.  For example, in WordPress, we recommend the “WP Mail SMTP” plugin.   Other Content Management Systems will have similar plugins and even standalone form handlers should support this protocol.  If you are a web designer and are having trouble finding a suitable library for delivering email, please contact us at support@internetpro.net.

We recommend that the web developer create an account which can be used for authentication such as webform@yourdomain.com.    This can be created using our web interface if we host the email for your domain.   If we do not host your email, please contact us, and we will be glad to create a free account to use for your web form.

Settings for the email library:

Use SMTP-Auth
Authentication type:  Plain or Login
Security:   TLS
SMTP server:    smtp.internetpro.net
Port:  587
Username:  entire email address (in our example, webform@yourdomain.com)
Password:  Your configured password (minimum 5 characters with 1 number and 1 letter)