May 29, 2021 2:55pm – One of our shared web servers is having some issues and sites it is hosting are currently unreachable.  We are investigating the problem to determine if it is a hardware failure, denial of service attack, or some other problem. Sites on that server will just not respond, so if you currently are having trouble accessing your web site, this is most likely the problem.   We will post updates here as we find out more information.

Update – 3:35pm – Services have been restored.  Unfortunately, we haven’t yet been able to tell exactly what the root cause of the issue was, but we are still investigating it.  If we find anything particularly interesting, we’ll post an update here.


If you have any further concerns regarding this outage or if your site has not yet come back online, please give us a call at 256-547-6817 or email   It is a holiday weekend, but if you hit 8 for support, you will get a technician.