• June 28, 2021 4:00pm – Comcast seems to be experiencing an issue in south Gadsden.  We began receiving calls as early as 2:30pm, so this seems be an outage that is going to be lasting a bit.  Currently, the estimated time to repair (ETR) is 7:14pm central time.  That time is usually automatically generated for 4 hours from the time they declare that an area is having an outage, so we doubt it is accurate.   Unfortunately, that is all of the information that we currently have.   This outage seems to primarily be affecting the Country Club area.   We’ll post more information here as we get it.

Update 6:25pm – The ETR is still listed as 7:14 p.m. No additional updates are available.

Update 6:35pm – We are told that modems are beginning to come online right now.

Update 7:00pm – Confirmed that things are back online.