July 22, 2021 11:30am – There is a widespread internet outage going on.  We have seen issues reaching Microsoft as well as other services using the Akamai CDN (Content Delivery Network).  Akamai’s network touches many public services, and they may not be the primary source of the problem.   We will be posting updates here as we find out more.

This is not an issue with our servers or services and is something affecting the internet as a whole.

Update 11:50am: We are hearing that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is also affected.  Many large sites run on their services, so this is affecting banks, news sites, and others.

Update 11:55am: Down detector https://downdetector.com/ is showing 45 major sites on their homepage.  The site has to be reporting a major issue to be featured there. They specifically list a problem at Akamai as the root issue.

Update 12:05pm:  Akamai reports that they have implemented a fix and services are returning to normal.  We have seen sites coming back online as well.  We expect full normalization within the hour.



If you have any specific questions about this outage, please feel free to contact us via chat below, or text messaging or calling 256-547-6817 or by emailing support@internetpro.net.