We will be conducting planned maintenance on Saturday, July 24th.  This maintenance will mostly affect VPS (virtual private server) customers.  Email systems and shared hosting services will experience little to no interruption.   We will be upgrading the infrastructure for some servers and storage systems.   This maintenance will take longer than usual, so we will be beginning a bit earlier than normal, starting at 10:00pm CDT.

July 24, 2021 9:35pm – Maintenance has started.  Most work is being done “behind the scenes” right now and will not be customer-facing.

Update 10:15pm – Customer facing sites have begun to be affected.

Update 10:35pm – Email services *are* going to be limited for a brief time…Starting now.

Update 10:59pm – Email services restored.

Update 11:30pm – Because of the maintenance, we had taken our proactive alerting system offline (too many alerts would be sent).  However, we missed a shared server having trouble and affecting customer sites.  We’re working on that.

Update 11:40pm – The aforementioned unplanned outage has been resolved.

Update 12:35am – As part of the maintenance continues, our phone system is now offline.

Update 3:00am – Phone system back online and VPS machines are returning.

Update 3:35am – Everything seems to be functioning normally now.  If you have any services which are not performing correctly, please let us know.



If you have any questions or concerns about this work, please email us at support@internetpro.net, call or text 256-547-6817, or reach out through the chat box below.