Monday December 17, 2012 – As part of our full service hosting, we will be upgrading WordPress-based sites on our servers to the new 3.5 version which was released a few days ago.  We wanted to wait a few days to make sure there were no critical bugs.   During the upgrade process, the sites will go into “maintenance mode” and the site will be unavailable.  The maintenance mode usually lasts less than 30 seconds as the upgrade is applied.   We will check to make sure the site seems to be working once the upgrade is complete, but we do recommend that users thoroughly check over their sites to make sure the upgrade did not cause any issues.  We will post an update here when we have completed the upgrade on all sites.


Update: Wednesday December, 19, 2012 – All updates to WordPress sites have been completed.  Again, please check your site functionality – especially plugins.  If there is a problem, please let us know by calling 256-547-6817 or emailing