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NetSol Cloud Updated

We have updated our NetSol Cloud offering with some new features to make it even more useful!  In addition to fixing bugs and improving performance, we’ve added these features:

  • Versioning  – Now as you make changes to your files, the Cloud keeps track of the version so you can revert back to previous ones
  • Drag and Drop Upload – Instead of hitting the upload button and browsing to the file you want to send, you can now just drag files into the browser to send them to the cloud
  • Tasks – Integrated To Do list
  • Calendars – Now you can share your calendar with other users!
  • Desktop Sync Clients – Now, you can have a copy of your data on your computer as well as in the NetSol Cloud so you can use your files offline
  • Other Enhancements – Improvements to the Gallery, notifications when files are shared, and many others!


We will be releasing more documentation with detailed usage instructions so you can start taking advantage of these new features soon.  However, if you need any help, please contact us at 256-547-6817 or


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Date – 04/02/2012 – We are about to begin updating our Debian servers to the new distribution.  This is something we must do because the distribution we are currently running has been deprecated and is no longer supported with security updates.  We generally try to wait as long as possible between upgrades as changing distributions will sometimes have an adverse affect on some hosted web pages.  We will endeavour to test all of the pages we can, but we cannot test every function of every site we host, so there may be some breakage we do not find.  If you have a website which ceases to function or starts to display an error, please contact us at or call us at 256-547-6817 to let us know.   We should be done with updating all of the distributions by Friday, April 6.

As part of the upgrades, we will also cease support for ColdFusion web sites.  The version of ColdFusion currently installed on our servers will not run with the distributions, and we do not currently host enough ColdFusion sites to justify purchase of the new version.   We will work with those customers who currently have ColdFusion based sites to convert them to PHP or to move them to other hosts.  We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.   Our last ColdFusion server will be shutdown on or before April 30, 2012 (before the 30th if all sites have been removed).

Again, if there are any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or by phone at 256-547-6817 or toll free at 877-886-6868.

Update – 04/04/2012 – A glitch in one of the upgrades caused a database server to not respond for about 30 minutes.  Our home page was affected as were a few customer sites.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Update – 04/10/2012 – All servers have been updated.  Our staff is doing a check of hosted sites, but we cannot manually check all functionality of all sites, so if you do find an error or problem on a page we host, please call us at 256-547-6817 or email




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Email Server Blacklisted

March 6, 2012  4:10pm — It looks like our email server has been blacklisted by SOBS and Spamcop.  We are working to find the reason for the listing. As soon as we determine the issue, we will request delisting.  In the mean time, our customers may see some of their email returned because of the blacklisting.



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Cloud Storage Documentation

For users taking advantage of our cloud storage offering (Netsol Cloud), we have prepared some documentation on the basic usage.

Web Access
Go to and enter your username/password.  You will have full access to all of the features of the Netsol Cloud.

Desktop Access
Desktop access does depend on the operating system you are running. As most people are running some flavor of Windows or Mac, we will document those here.  If you have some other OS, please contact our support at 256-547-6817 or for instructions.

Windows XP – simply click My Network Places and then choose “Add a network place” from the menu in the margin. A wizard will appear. Hit Next, and then choose “Choose another network location” and hit Next. For the internet or network address put and  hit Next.  You will be prompted for a username and password.  Enter the one assigned to you by us for your service. Type in a name for the network place (We recommend Netsol Cloud). Hit Next and Finish.

Windows 7 –  Just go to Computer, Map Network Drive (at the top).  Then, in the Folder field type  and make sure to check Connect using different credentials.  Please note that Windows 7 has some known issues with WebDAV.  See our page on Issues with Windows 7 for resolutions if you are having trouble.

Mac OSX – In Finder, click Go and then Connect to Server.  In the Server Address blank, type

In all cases, the web storage will act like any other drive on your machine.  You can drag and drop files, open files, or perform any other operation that you would normally do.  The changes will immediately be reflected on the cloud.  Keep in mind that the data is going across the internet, so file access may not be as quick as your local storage.  The speed will be dependent on your connection to the internet.



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Spam Tagging

October, 10, 2011 – Over the last week or so, we’ve been noticing a higher incidence of “false positives” on our spam tagging system.  The system is partially based on a Bayesian probability system which “learns” what spam looks like.  It seems that the Bayesian part of the spam filtering system has decided that just about everything is spam, so each email is getting a higher spam rating than it normally would.   This morning, we made the decision to clear our Bayesian database to eliminate this issue.  A side effect of this is that we may now have more spam getting through until the system re-learns for a bit.  We will also be “teaching” the database with some collected spam that we have.  Hopefully, within the next couple of days, the spam filter should be back to normal.

October 17, 2011 – Our changes seemed to have worked for a bit, but the filter started getting too aggressive again.  We have cleared out the learning database and are attempting to “teach” it with HAM (email that is not SPAM).   Hopefully, we’ll get the filter working correctly shortly.

Update – October, 20, 2011 – We have identified an issue with our filter that is contributing to this issue. It seems that our filter thinks that the Subject and Date are missing on many email and that is contributing to the points acquired by the email.  After 5.0 points, our system considers the email spam.  The lack of subject and date contributes 3.2 points, so that goes a long way toward getting emails classified incorrectly.

If you have any emails that are continuing to get tagged with *****SPAM*****, please forward the sender’s address to and we will add the address to our whitelist so it no longer gets tagged.


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Network Outage

Sept. 29, 2011 10:52 – We are experiencing a network outage which seems to be upstream.  We are looking into the issue and will provide updates shortly.

Phones were out briefly as well, but we have gotten them back online.

12:00pm  – We have been informed that the issue with AT&T is affecting a large number of trunks.  They are aware of the issue, but have not provided us with an ETR (Estimated Time for Repair) yet.

2:30pm – The issue is a fiber cut outside Birmingham that is the root of the problem.  AT&T repair teams are onsite and the ETR is now 5:00pm.

6:15pm – Even though the initial ETR has passed, the circuit is still down.  We have called to get a new ETR, but they have none, so we are expecting resolution soon.

8:30pm – We checked on the status of the repair, and half an hour ago, technicians reported that they were having trouble splicing the cables together. There is not a new ETR. 🙁

11:45pm – New ETR is 12:30am.   We’ll see…

Sept 30, 2011 2:45am – AT&T is reporting the fiber cut is fixed, but we are still not seeing service. We are working on this now.

3:20 am – We’re up!  The last issue was a routing problem which has been resolved.  All services are functioning normally now.  We appreciate your understanding and are sorry for the inconvenience.

Update 6:00pm –  We just received word that the outage was caused by a construction crew between Birmingham and Childersberg.  The crew is building a new Alabama Power substation.





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Spam Filtering Enhancements

April 14, 2011 – We have added some additional blacklists to our normal spam filtering system.  Email coming from servers listed on these blackslists will be blocked with a permanent error and bounced to the sender.  These emails will not be delivered to our customers – even with a *****SPAM***** tag.

The blacklists we have added are:
UCE-Protect Level 1 (More information)
Passive Spam Block List


We hope that the addition of these blacklists will reduce the spam coming in to our users.  We take the spam problem VERY seriously and do everything we can to insure that you receive the minimim amount of spam while still receiving all of your legitimate email.  If you feel that our new lists are blocking some of your legitimate email, please contact us at 256-547-6817 or email us at


Update: 04/15/2011 – We have removed the Lashback blacklist from our servers.  It was blocking emails which also affected AT&T emails (including
We are working to remove Yahoo from their blacklist so we can re-implement Lashback on our servers.

Update: 06/01/2011 – We have removed UCEProtect from our servers because they would not allow us to remove false positives without waiting a week.  We have added two additional blacklists to make up for these removals:
Barracuda Reputation Block List
Nix Spam DNSBL – Page is in German

We also added several additional rules to our spam filters to block by content.  These included additional filters on foreign spam, scams, viruses, and porn.





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Email System Upgrade

Wed. January 26, 2011 – We updated the email system to handle TLS (encryption) on POP3 to better secure your email password and data. Unfortunately, some people had their email clients set to leave a copy of their mail on the server.  This can be useful at times, but in this case, it will result in receiving those emails again.  If you have an inordinate amount of email that you do not wish to receive again, please contact our office at 877-886-6868 or 256-547-6817 and our technicians will be glad to help remove those emails from our server.

Update: Due to the new update, we no longer support POP-before-SMTP authentication, so if your email client was not set to use authentication on the outgoing server, you may experience trouble sending email.  If you are having that trouble, use the search blank at the bottom of this page to type in the name of your email client for instructions on email setup or call our office at 877-886-6868 or 256-547-6817 for technical help.

Jan 26, 2011 – 2:00pm – Our server upgrades are complete.  Once customer settings have been updated there should be no issues.  We have updated our preferred email setup instructions to include the use of SSL (secure socket layer), so you may want to check our instructions for your email client to get the best settings for your program.   The new preferred method increases security by encrypting your passwords and emails between you and our server.

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Why did my email stop working?

If you are setting up a new email account on a computer, and you try to log in unsuccessfully 5 or more times, you may cause yourself to be blocked from our mail server.  We have put in place blocking mechanisms which stop “brute force attacks” from spammers trying to guess account names and passwords on our server.   If our server detects more than 4 failures in less than one minute’s time, your IP address will be blocked.  If you are in an office, this can cause everyone in the office to also be blocked because most offices use Network Address Translation (NAT) which makes all of the computers in the your office look like they are coming from the same IP address.

The block will automatically be lifted in one hour, but if you need it removed immediately, please contact one of our technicians at 877-886-6868 (you will be unable to email, so just call).  We can help you with the account you are having trouble with and we will be able to manually lift the block so that everyone can send and/or receive their email again.

We do apologize for any trouble this may cause.  We feel these systems were needed because of the increase in attacks we have seen on our mail server and we want to protect your data as much as possible and we also want to help stop spammers in any way we can.

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Email Issue

November 24, 2010 8:30 am – We implemented an upgrade on our email system which increases the security of email transmission.  The upgrade was supposed to be seamless, so it was not announced.  However, this morning we have received sporadic reports of email not going through.  We are investigating the issue to see if the two are related.   We will be posting updates here.

November 24 8:50 am – It looks like some spammers have compromised one or more email accounts and are sending out mass volumes of spam through our servers.  We are actually delivering email, but it is being delayed because of the volume of email.  We are working on removing the malicious spam from our system and identifying the compromised email account(s).

Note:  No email has been lost (except the spammer’s email).  It has just been delayed a little.  As of 9:00, it looks like almost 100% of delayed email has been delivered.   There are a few ISPs who have temporarily delayed email coming from our mail server due to the spam originating from it, but those blocks should be cleared shortly.

November 24 9:08am – We have identified the email account which was being used by the spammers to relay messages.  We have changed the password on the account and blocked the spammer’s IP address.   This user made the common mistake of having the username and password be the same thing.   For example, if the email address was, the password was user.   This is something the spammers regularly try to find, so if you have an easy password on your account such as this we STRONGLY suggest you change it.  You can change it by going to our home page at and clicking on “Modify Email Account Settings” or by clicking this link.

November 24 2:40pm – The spammers have apparently gathered several accounts with usernames and passwords which are the same.  We are watching the system, and as we find the spammers exploiting an account, we are changing the password for the account.  We are attempting to call the affected users, but we have not been able to reach everyone.  If you are having email trouble all of the sudden, and your password is the same as your username, then please call us at 256-547-6817 or 877-886-6868 so that we can help you reset your password.

November 25, 2010 – 9:35am – The spammers are still finding accounts with weak passwords.  We are eliminating them as we see them being exploited. We put a system in place yesterday which alerts us of unusual email volume and allows us to detect the attack more quickly.  Most users should not see any issues, however it is possible that you may see your email client get disconnected from the email server if we happen to be stopping an attack at the moment you are sending or receiving an email.   We did not mention it yesterday, but the security enhancement we put in place a couple of days ago (mentioned at the  first of this post) did NOT have anything to do with these attacks.  The security we put in place did not work with bad passwords, but it actually encrypts the email as it is sent to to other servers (if they support encryption).

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