December 5, 2019 – We discovered a slight problem with the work done on the mail server system during the last maintenance.  Although the system is working well (we in the office have noticed a huge difference in performance), there is a configuration error that affects data redundancy.   We’ve got to correct that issue which will require stopping mail services briefly once again.  We are planning on doing this Tuesday, December 10th, in a window between 11:00pm and 2:00am CST.    During that time, email services will be unavailable as data is migrated.  We will post updates here as the work proceeds.

December 10 11:00pm – Maintenance is starting.

Update 11:35pm – Maintenance completed.  All services are running normally.


Again, if you have any questions, please contact us at, call 256-547-6817, or chat using the window at the lower right of this screen.