Live Linux

Computer viruses are a huge problem these days.  Even though there are MANY different antivirus solutions for Windows, the virus writers are winning the battle and some inevitably infect your computer.  However, you may have heard that Apple computers are not susceptible to virus problems.  Actually, this is not true, but because of Apple’s smaller market share, there are not many viruses written for them.  As a result, Apple computers very rarely get infected.    Think about it this way:  If you are a programmer and you want to infect as many computers as possible, are you going to write a program that will infect the operating system with 90% of the market share or the one with 10%?

Well, there is a third operating system called Linux, which has a very small portion of the market.  It is widely used on servers, but not as much in the home.  Linux also has a better security model than Windows where you are not operating with a priveledged account (one that has access to install programs).  Given these two factors, it is extremely rare for a Linux computer to get a virus. Linux is a full-featured operating system and can handle tasks such as internet access, email, and word processing.   Many of our technicians use Linux for their everyday computers at home and work.

At Network Solutions, Inc., we have created a “Live” Linux solution which will allow you to surf the web without fear.   Our solution comes on a 4GB USB drive and works in either of two ways.  First, you can boot the computer from the USB drive and run the entire machine in Linux.   While in Linux, you can surf the web and go to any pages that you would normally access. Second, you can run our live Linux distribution in a “virtual machine” while you are in Windows.  Using this method, you can open a Firefox browser session on the Linux machine INSIDE your Windows machine.  Our live Linux USB key comes pre-loaded with Flash, Java, and Firefox so almost every site will work perfectly.   We also have iFoye bookmarked in the browser, so that if you need help, a technician is only a click away.   Our USB keys come bundled with a half hour of technical support so that your early questions can be answered easily.

Even if you did get a virus on your Linux machine, it cannot touch your important data on your Windows computer because it is a completely separate operating system.  This is a great system for those of you who have kids who regularly go to sites which contain viruses.   If you are tired of the routine of cleaning off viruses, getting re-infected, and cleaning them off again, then our preloaded live Linux USB key would be great for you!