DENTRIX G4 – Inspired by You

Inspiration drives us to do incredible things. Inspiration drove Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel, Thomas Edison to invent the light bulb and Ludwig van Beethoven to write his Fifth Symphony. Just as these revolutionary thinkers were inspired to bring something great into the world, Henry Schein Practice Solutions sought inspiration, and found it in our customers. With more than 170 user-requested features, DENTRIX G4 is the proven solution to making practices successful. Save time, save money and accomplish more with the practice management software inspired by geniuses everywhere.

New Features

Smart Upgrades

• Update DENTRIX via the Internet
• Check for updates and install them when needed making updates easier for the office
• Update workstations to stay in sync with your server

Patient Alerts

• Alerts appear on all family members, eliminating the need to re-enter the same note on all family members’ file
• Customizable patient alerts that suit the needs of the office

Insurance Enhancements

• Edit the amount of benefit used and the deductible applied for a patient without having to go through an open claim
• Save time when setting up insurance for new patients and when correcting older patients’ benefits
• Set the “Signature on File for New Subscribers” as a default in the Office Manager
• Utilize “Release of Information and Assignment of Benefits” for both Dental and Medical insurances globally

Ledger Enhancements

Search payments from within the Ledger with filters like Check Information, Insurance Carrier, Payment Type, Date, Amount, and Guarantor Enhancements that simplify splitting a payment and posting adjustments which will decrease payment errors for the office.

Chart and Treatment Planner Enhancements

• Customizable Procedure Buttons and Button Sets allow the chart to be personalized for specific individuals
• Treatment Plan Consent Forms can now be viewed in the Document Center, saving the form if a case is deleted
• Improved user interface and integration of the Presenter player and the GURU player