This category contains information about events that may affect your service such as maintenance or outages. It also contains announcements on new products releases and enhancements.

New Phone System

We wanted to say thanks to the guys at Telsystems for doing a great job on our new phone system.  We needed a system that would let us tie our new annex office to our main office seamlessly and Telesystems really came through to provide it.   Our new system is an ESI with both digital and voip handsets.  When you call our office, our staff may be in either office, and you, the caller, can’t tell the difference.  The system also has door access capabilites which mean that when our staff members leave the annex office, our phones automatically update our voice mail messages to let callers know we are out of the office AND puts a light on the system to let the people in the main office know we are not in the building!

In addition to all this, while our techs are out of the office, you have the option of trying them on their cell phones.  If they can’t answer, you can still leave a message in their voice mail box.  All of this allows us to be more accessible by you, our customer, so we can provide you with the best support possible.

Thanks again to Telesystems for  providing us with a quality system that is exactly what we needed  to support our customers and the  needs of our growing business!



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Additional Email Blacklist

November 11, 2011  In an effort to further curtail spam, we have added two more blacklists to our mail server.  These blacklists are run by Mailspike.  We are now utilizing two of their lists – their reputation data (blocking the IPs with the worst reputation for sending spam) and the zero-hour data which blocks IPs which are actively part of a spam attack.  You can read more about the lists here.  If you would like to check an IP address against these lists, you can do it here.

To check an IP address against other blacklists, you might want to visit this site:

If you are having trouble with legitimate email being blocked, please call us at 256-547-6817 or email  We will be deciding whether or not to keep using these blacklists based on customer feedback.


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We Are Growing!

We have run out of room in our main office located at 226 South 5th Street.   So, in order to accommodate our growth, we have moved some of our staff to our new annex located at 1041 Forrest Avenue.  Most people will not notice the difference, as our new office is to be used as a call center and base of operations for some of our technical staff who are on the road most of the time.  However, for customers requiring a face-to-face meeting with our staff, we will be utilizing the conference room facilities at our new location.   Our expansion to the new location will also allow us to serve you better because we will be using the extra room at the main office to store more inventory and add bench space so we can speed up service work by having more machines running at once and by having to special order less parts.

We want to thank our customers for making our continued growth possible!

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New Website Launches

Network Solutions, Inc. is proud to announce the addition of Nick Webb as web design manager.  Nick has been working with our company on a contract basis for many years, and we are happy to have him with us full time to lead our new focus on website development.   Coinciding with his new position, we have just launched a new company website to highlight our service offerings.

Our new site brings many of the features of our old one, such as a searchable knowledge base and frequent updates about new products and issues which may affect your service.   Our new site also ties in with our Twitter page, our Facebook page, and our LinkedIn page to take full advantage of those social networking sites.  You can follow us on any or all of those sites as well as using our RSS feed to get up-to-the-minute information from us.

If you would like a new site like this for YOUR company, please give us a call at 877-886-6868 or email us at and we will be happy to work with you.  With a dynamic site like this one, you can make your own changes, even from your smartphone without knowing HTML!  We will help you tie your site in with the social networking sites, optimise it for the search engines, and train you on how to keep your site current and relevant.




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Scam Alert

October 19, 2011 – We’ve had several reports from our users who have gotten calls from people posing as tech support.  At least one said they were from Microsoft.  These callers are telling people that their computers are infected with spyware and viruses.  For proof, they ask you to go to the event viewer in Windows and point out a bunch of errors in the logs.  These are SCAMMERS!   It is quite normal for Windows to generate errors as it boots up.  The reason for this is that some services depend on other services and sometimes start before the ones they depend on.   These scammers will then direct the victim to their web page to download “utilities” to remove the spyware.  These “utilities” are actually spyware that can log your keystrokes, pages you visit and allow the scammers to control your computer.  If someone calls you to inform you that your computer is infected, please call us before downloading anything!  We will be glad to assist you to verify that your computer is OK.  Our number is 256-547-6817 or 877-886-6868.


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Spam Tagging

October, 10, 2011 – Over the last week or so, we’ve been noticing a higher incidence of “false positives” on our spam tagging system.  The system is partially based on a Bayesian probability system which “learns” what spam looks like.  It seems that the Bayesian part of the spam filtering system has decided that just about everything is spam, so each email is getting a higher spam rating than it normally would.   This morning, we made the decision to clear our Bayesian database to eliminate this issue.  A side effect of this is that we may now have more spam getting through until the system re-learns for a bit.  We will also be “teaching” the database with some collected spam that we have.  Hopefully, within the next couple of days, the spam filter should be back to normal.

October 17, 2011 – Our changes seemed to have worked for a bit, but the filter started getting too aggressive again.  We have cleared out the learning database and are attempting to “teach” it with HAM (email that is not SPAM).   Hopefully, we’ll get the filter working correctly shortly.

Update – October, 20, 2011 – We have identified an issue with our filter that is contributing to this issue. It seems that our filter thinks that the Subject and Date are missing on many email and that is contributing to the points acquired by the email.  After 5.0 points, our system considers the email spam.  The lack of subject and date contributes 3.2 points, so that goes a long way toward getting emails classified incorrectly.

If you have any emails that are continuing to get tagged with *****SPAM*****, please forward the sender’s address to and we will add the address to our whitelist so it no longer gets tagged.


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Network Outage

Sept. 29, 2011 10:52 – We are experiencing a network outage which seems to be upstream.  We are looking into the issue and will provide updates shortly.

Phones were out briefly as well, but we have gotten them back online.

12:00pm  – We have been informed that the issue with AT&T is affecting a large number of trunks.  They are aware of the issue, but have not provided us with an ETR (Estimated Time for Repair) yet.

2:30pm – The issue is a fiber cut outside Birmingham that is the root of the problem.  AT&T repair teams are onsite and the ETR is now 5:00pm.

6:15pm – Even though the initial ETR has passed, the circuit is still down.  We have called to get a new ETR, but they have none, so we are expecting resolution soon.

8:30pm – We checked on the status of the repair, and half an hour ago, technicians reported that they were having trouble splicing the cables together. There is not a new ETR. 🙁

11:45pm – New ETR is 12:30am.   We’ll see…

Sept 30, 2011 2:45am – AT&T is reporting the fiber cut is fixed, but we are still not seeing service. We are working on this now.

3:20 am – We’re up!  The last issue was a routing problem which has been resolved.  All services are functioning normally now.  We appreciate your understanding and are sorry for the inconvenience.

Update 6:00pm –  We just received word that the outage was caused by a construction crew between Birmingham and Childersberg.  The crew is building a new Alabama Power substation.





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Comcast Outage

Sept. 5, 2011 – Labor Day – Comcast is experiencing some system issues again today in the Gadsden area. This outage started at approximately 4:55pm. The good news is that they seem to pick good days (non business days) to have trouble. So far, we do not know what the issue is, but we are assuming it is related to the inclement weather. We will post updates as we get them.

Update: 5:47pm – The current estimated time to repair (ETR) is 7:04pm today.

Update: 7:08pm. – ETR time has passed and they are still down.

Update: 8:51pm – Still down and we are not able to reach their tech support for an updated ETR.

Update: Sept 6 6:55am – We’ve been informed that the ETR is 7:04am. We are not sure if this was actually the original ETR or not, but are waiting for a resolution as the service is still down.

Update: Sept. 6 7:15am – Looks like the new ETR was pretty close, as Comcast has come back online in the Gadsden area as of 7:13am. Glad to see they got it back up before start of business for most companies!

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Phone Line Issues

Aug 24, 2011 – 10:00am — We are experiencing sporadic issues with our phone lines.  We are having trouble calling out and customers are also having issues calling us.  You may get a busy signal, a recording, or it may just not go through.  The phone company is aware of the issue and are working to correct it.  You can email us at for assistance if you cannot get us on the phone.

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NAS Issue

July 19, 2011 – 10:30pm – A NAS (Network Attached Storage) housing virtual server drives has stopped responding and is causing some latency in virtual servers.  We are investigating the issue.

Update – 11:00pm.  –  Looks like the issue was actually caused by a failed UPS (battery backup system).  We are in the process of brining several servers back online.  This did affect some virtual machines as well as some of our offsite backup servers.

Update – 11:25pm – Almost all services restored.  We still have 2 virtual machines having trouble due to disk corruption.  We are working to resolve this.

Update – July 20, 2011 – All services are working normally.  Please report any issues to or 256-547-6817.

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